*Only IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER(e.g. father, mother, sister, brother, spouse, son or daughter) is authorized to claim passport if, for a valid reason, applicant cannot release his/her new passport. Th
e family member should present the following: a) Authorization letter and b) ID  of authorized person (original and photocopy).

Step 1:    Proceed to the Passport Releasing Section.
Step 2:    Put claim stub on the box/tray and wait for your name to be called.
Step 3:    Present official receipt and old passport for cancellation.
Step 4:    Check details of new passport (first name , middle name, last name, date/place of birth).
Step 5:    Sign on signature pad to acknowledge receipt of new passport. 

Note: To search for your name
By default, the file will open on Adobe Reader. just press CTRL + F, you will get the normal searchbox (it is located at the top right or at the lower left corner). Type your SURNAME in the  search box, then press Enter key. Continue to press the Enter key until you find your name. Releasing of new passport is from Sunday to Thursday, 8am-5pm (No appointment needed).

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List of ePassports for Release as of 16 August 2018

List of ePassports for Release applied in the PHL & Other Countries as of 07 August 2018

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